We've nailed the first part of our quest. ICMP checking every 5 seconds with an alerting system that'll let you know as soon as your alerts rules are met. This is just the start of our venture into becoming the worlds best uptime monitoring system.

Whats the plan?

As we come into 2020 this is the year we're going to be delivering a lot of awesome features. Here's our list of up coming offerings:

  1. TCP (in-progress)
  2. DNS (Next on the list)
  3. SSL
  4. IPv6
  5. HTTP2
  6. API
  7. MTR

These will all be wired into our flexible alerting system and alert scoring. Giving you all the control you need to monitor your systems. We're dedicated to giving you the best experience using our platform as we can.

How much will this cost?

We've put a lot of time into thinking about this. Our competition have favored 3 tiers of pricing where you get access to multiple features as you select a tier. This works but it doesn't financially scale for everyone's use case.

What if you want to monitor 10 SSL certs and 12 ICMP addresses? Other plans will mean you'd need the most expensive plan to just to monitor the SSL certs. However you'll be paying to monitor 100 hosts when you only need 12.

We've decided to follow a pay for the tier you want for each service. So you can have the top tier of 128 hosts to ICMP ping and the bottom tier for TCP checks so you would be over paying for what you are actually using.

Service T1 T2 T3
ICMP £0 £8 £12
TCP £0 £6 £10
DNS £0 £8 £12

As a result you're only going to pay for what you need.

Will there be a free tier?

This was the easiest decision. Yes and always.

We're big advocates of free and open software but we understand that to make something great money has to come from somewhere. We're going to keep our free tier for all our services but we're not going to limit functionality only quantity. This allows small or open source teams to use our service without cost and all the benefit. This is something we strongly believe in.

We're confident that next year will be start to bigger and better services as we continue  build this service out to support more features.