We set out our 2020 road map at the end of 2019 and safe to say we've mostly stuck to what we had planned however we made some alterations along the way.

How did the plan go?

We set out to add more monitor types to the platform and expand on our billing model at the time.

New Monitors

We successfully added TCP, DNS, SSL and HTTP / API to Pingsphere. These, out of the list we provided in the road map, were what other services provide and the most common type of monitors used. In the end we decided that HTTP2, MTR and IPV6 could wait till a later date as they were not offered by services.

New Pricing Model

We made a larger decision to change the way we do billing. Where as our original plan was to charge per monitor per check this didn't scale well into other services in the future and with the way the rest of the market worked. This would have made use less compatible. The old model was not keeping it simple. It was a little complicated and due to the fact we wanted to undercut most of the market with our low operational costs & efficient software, it didn't make sense.

Our new model is simple and follows clear quota's of 50,100,200,500,1000. For anything more, then we'd love to hear from you and talk about some custom pricing and discounted rates per monitor.

What else did we deliver?

What is not so obvious is the amount of work under the hood we've done. We've got a pretty good change log of improvements and optermisations.

The most notable being:

  1. Converted from C -> Rust
  2. Metric Buffering to mitigate connection loss
  3. Specific views for Alerts
  4. Overhauled the UI
  5. Opermisations in automation, testing and deployment
  6. Code profiling to enhance visability of performance issues


Right now we're getting ready to create v1.0.0 from the codebase where most of the technical systems are ready and running. We'll be collecting user feedback and deploying improvements along side writing documentation and ensuring the business side is ready to push harder on getting an establish name.

We're excited for the next stage of where this will take us and what it will enable us to do.