We've done our best to make this as simple and easy as possible. The design should be pretty self explanatory. However we recognize that some parts you just need to know the order in which to do something.

Quick Start Guide to Pingsphere

At the moment we offer a simple ICMP check for multiple IP addresses. This guide will explain to you:

  • How to sign up
  • How to upgrade your account
  • How to Add IP addresses
  • How to Create Alerts

Firstly, Signing up (https://www.pingsphere.io/signup). A username, email and password are all you need. You get 6 free IP addresses to monitor which you can add right away. You'll get a confirmation email in a moments notice and you can change your details when you want under My Account (https://www.pingsphere.io/myaccount).

Secondly, upgrading your account is really easy:

  • Navigate to https://www.pingsphere.io/myaccount
  • Add your card details to the Stripe Card details box (All our accounting is processed by stripe. We do not handle or store any card details except from what is available in stripe)
  • Select which account plan you would like and hit checkout
  • Agree with the popup and you're all done

Thirdly, To add an IP address navigate to: https://www.pingsphere.io/icmp.
From here you can use the top right blue button to add a single ip or a csv, Once submitted you'll see them on your screen in the next 5-10 seconds with data.

Finally, Creating an Alert requires 2 bits of information. The IP address you wish to alert on (and has already been added to the account) and how you would like to be notified if it goes offline.
We covered adding IP addresses above so all you need to do is create an Alert Integration (https://www.pingsphere.io/alert/integration). This is the method you'd like to be notified by when an IP address is not reachable or has recovered from being un-reachable.

We offer 4 kinds of alerts integrations at the moment:

  • Pagerduty
  • Slack Message
  • Slack Channel
  • Email

If you would like another added please raise an issue here (https://github.com/pingsphere-io/pingsphere.io). We'll add it to the list of features. If you know how to use these apps then it should be straight forward to create a slack token, Pagerduty key or just enter the email address you'd like to be notified on.

Now you can create an Alert Rule with these two items of information. Navigate to https://www.pingsphere.io/alert/rule where in the top right you can create one. Set a name, select the IP addresses, select the method of notification and finally set the Alert Score. I'd like to point out the Alert Score is very important.

An Alert Score value is equal to 5s of down time. e.g. If an IP address has not been able to ping for more than 10s an alert score of 2 will trigger an alert. Followed by the alert integration method notifying you that it is offline.

I hope this is enough to get you started with PingSphere. I promise to create some more detailed documents that are much more transparent about the way we handle all this. I hope that those docs will build confidence in what we've built here.

If you have any trouble then raise an issue (https://github.com/pingsphere-io/pingsphere.io) or drop us an email [email protected].